About the Study

 You take tablets called Risperidone or Haloperidol

 The tablets are to try and help you with your behaviour

The tablets are to try and help you stay calm 

The doctors want to find out if you need all your medication to help you keep calm 

 How the study works

 Some people will keep taking the same strength of tablets

 Some people will take weaker tablets

 You and your carers won’t know which group you are in

 How long does the study take?

 The study takes 1 year

 What will you need to do

 Your doctor will give you tablets

 You will need to take the tablets

You and your carers will need to fill in a questionnaire about your behaviour 

 You will visit your doctor 5 times with carers to see how you are doing

 You will meet the research team 5 times and fill in a questionnaire

 No bloods are taken

 What if my behaviour gets worse?

 If your behaviour gets worse your carers will tell your doctor

 Your doctor will decide how to help you

 Will I get anything for taking part?

 No, you don’t get anything for taking part

 But taking part will help the doctors understand the medication better.

 Can I stop taking part?


You and your carers can stop taking part at any time 

If you would like to take part in this study, or if you care for someone who might want to take part, please click here to learn more.